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Cornerstone specializes in the repair of tipping floors in transfer stations. The company has extensive experience working with waste management professionals on projects ranging from emergency repairs to the phased removal and replacement of a facility's tipping floors. CCS's transfer station repair services include metal building repair, installation of leachate management systems, trench drains, steel plating, demolition, and the installation of high strength floor toppings.

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To download a list CCS's recent experience repairing solid waste facilities, please click here.


 Resurfacing of the Tipping Floor at the West Volusia Transfer Station (2011-2016)

18,500 SF | County of Volusia | Prime Contractor

This project is a continuing contract for the rehabilitation of all tipping floors at the West Volusia Transfer Station. Cornerstone has removed and replaced steel nosing, concrete push walls, and four out of five bays; all while the facility maintains full functionality.

"We are very pleased with this first phase of the project. The first phase was completed in December 2011 and we've seen very minimal wear since. We did a few visual damage tests because the old floor and the new floor were side-by-side in many areas. All tests passed our scrutiny with flying colors…We look forward to finishing this 5-year project with Cornerstone. EmeryTop 400 is a very tough floor!"

– Gary Morton, Volusia County Construction Manager, 2012,


 Sarno Road Transfer Station Floor Repair (2013)

8,300 SF | Brevard County | Prime Contractor

This project was a rehabilitation of Sarno Road Transfer Station's tipping floor. Cornerstone was contracted by Brevard County to replace the existing damaged tipping floor with Emery Top 400 – "the world's toughest floor." CCS team members demolished the top layer of the facility's damaged tipping floor, in order to prep it for the installation of 8,300 SF of the high strength floor topping. The installation of new steel nosing left the facility good as new.


 McLeod Road Transfer Station Leachate Management System Modification (2013)

30,000 Gallon | Orange County | Prime Contractor

This project involved the installation of a 30,000 gallon double containment tank for the hauling of leacheate to the orange county landfill. CCS installed related pumps, valves, control panel, and yard piping, as well as performing earthwork associated with the removal and replacement of trench drains.


 WCA Gainesville Transfer Station (2012)

3,000 SF | Waste Corporation of America | Prime Contractor

This project was an emergency repair, which included tipping floor rehabilitation and trench drain repair. CCS team members demolished and removed the facility's tipping floor, in order to replace it with an 8000 psi high strength floor topping. Badly damaged trench drains were removed and replaced to leave the facility fully functional.

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