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Public Services

Cornerstone has performed work on a variety of facilities, which are used to house public services and their departments. These include police training facilities, community centers, and courthouses. Services provided include - but are not limited to - foundations, tilt wall, retaining walls, hardscapes, and the installation of bollard security systems.

To download a list of CCS's experience building public service facilities, please click here.


 Modernization of the George C. Young Federal Courthouse (2012)

183,000 SF | General Services Administration | Skanska USA Building, Inc.

This project was a renovation of the existing federal building and courthouse, which modernized the six story structure into a LEED Silver certified, sustainable building. Cornerstone was subcontracted to install state of the art, removable bollard security systems, which surround the high-security federal building. Other services provided include hardscape and masonry work.

"The team quickly realized that Cornerstone was a "go-to" contractor to get things done timely and with exceptional quality."

– Julie Ann Newberry, Senior Project Manager, Heery International, Inc.


 Orlando Police Department Training Facility (2009)

67,000 SF | City of Orlando | Skanska USA Building, Inc.

This project was a new construction, built to house the Orlando Police Department's new training facility. The final structure includes 55 climate controlled firing lanes, three large training classrooms, lockers, restrooms, storage and administrative offices. Cornerstone was subcontracted by Skanska USA Building to form, reinforce and pour all cast in place foundations, floors, retaining walls and hardscapes; as well as tilt up panels for the walls of firing lanes.


 College Park Community Center (2005)

25,000 SF | City of Orlando | McCree General Contractors & Architects

This project was a new construction, which provided Orlando's historic College Park neighborhood with a recreation center. Cornerstone was subcontracted by McCree General Contractors & Architects to form, reinforce and pour cast in place footings, as well as install the building's cast in place slab on grade sidewalks. Other work performed includes columns, beams, and hardscape.


 Orange County Courthouse (1996-1998)

75,000 SF | Orange County | Huber/TDS/P&D/MDI, J.V.

This project completed the exterior hardscape for the new Orange County Courthouse Complex. CCS served as a Prime Contractor to the Construction Management joint venture – Huber/TDS/P&D/MDI. CCS was tasked with performing all site work - including structural excavation & backfilling for grading, asphalt and concrete paving; concrete retaining walls, concrete unit pavers, demolition and traffic control. This project was very time sensitive and required coordination on several levels.

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